Danton (blasphemiliar) wrote in trinity_fanfic,

For those who like my rambling. Plus fic.

Title: Angel's Song.
Author: doomkiri/blasphemiliar
Beta: I am beta.
Spoilers?: I don't believe so.
Rating: M
Pairing: None yet. Future M/M
Warnings: Mmm...list. Blood, violence, language, red bodily fluids, water of life, I think blasphemy is in there somewhere...
Summary: AU. Dietrich fails a mission in Albion by getting himself arrested. The future can sometimes suck. Contains general weirdness, specialised weirdness, possibly condescending author's notes because for some reason I think FFN users in general are less literate than other people for some reason.

Links may be found in this post. If you wish, you may like to donate some organs to me. I like to juggle them in my spare time.

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