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Isaak/Dietrich - Doll

Hi, I am new and I come bearing fic. *proffers it gingerly*. I bought the box set of the anime on a whim one day, and I can safely say it was the best impulse buy I've ever made. I was hooked. I watched all of the anime, and I'm now devouring the manga as fast as I can afford it. This is my first TB fic, so I hope people enjoy it :).

Title: Doll
Author: gypsy_girl090
Beta: kashibanohikari
Rating: M
Characters/Pairing: Isaak/Dietrich with implied Dietrich/Esther, Dietrich/Gyula and Dietrich/Radu.
Warnings: Adult themes, biting, spoilers for the Star of Sorrow arc, though I doubt I really need to warn about those.
Summary: In the aftermath of the incident with the Star of Sorrow, Dietrich and Isaak discuss the consequences of failure, and Isaak wonders just who is pulling the strings.

This fake cut lacks witticism because it's just gone from being very late to very early
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